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* Core HR
Standard modules that are often used in managing human resource
Advance Shifting
Scheduling shifting of employee jobs automatically through time settings according to company policy
Business Trip Management
Claimable expenses or Cash Advance method
Career Management & Grading
Recording employee career journey in the company
Exit Inteview & Clearance
Procedure to validating employee has no pending obligation to the company
Facility Management
Asset management settings used by employees
Leave & Permit Management
For employee who will apply for leave or for permission
Loan Management
Employee loan facility
Medical Reimbursement
Filing employee health expense claims made easier
Mobile Attendance
Record employee attendance directly from mobile, get features such as: GPS location, multiple clockin, face detection, etc.
Overtime Administration
Determine calculation of overtime rate in terms of number of hours and wages
Payment Request
Advance Claim or any payment related to employee task
Detail of personal pay rate calculation net / gross
Performance Management
Employee’s Perfomance Appraisal become faster and accurate
Recruitment & Job Portal
Helping you to post job vacancies to get the best talents
Timesheet Management
Make your activities more effective, report work and ask for approval superior
Report work activity directly from the location of the visit

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Detail Remark
Advance Shifting Form Template Shifting, Shift Schedule Changes and History Shift Change Support on Mobile iOS, Android & Web
Business Trip Management Type Business Trip, Type Activity Destination, Date, Type Transportation, location airport/station, Transportation Name, type class, Partner trip. Form Cash Advance trip, Support on Mobile iOS, Android & Web.
Career Management & Grading History of branch movement, promotion, grade salary determination
* Core HR Mobile & Web Apps
Exit Inteview & Clearance Mobile & Web Apps
Facility Management Mobile & Web Apps
Leave & Permit Management Calculation Method type Annualy, Anniversary, Anniversary Annualy, Monthly and Permit Feature upload attachment, Support on Mobile Apps iOS, Android & Web
Medical Reimbursement Mobile & Web Apps
Mobile Attendance Attendance via mobile apps, Tracking & reporting list attend from admin web, Support on Mobile iOS, Android & Web
Overtime Administration List of date and Totaly Hours Request & Approved Overtime, List of claim overtime approved and meal allowance, Support on Mobile Apps iOS, Android & Web
Payment Request Type Request Payment Parking, Gasoline(Calculate from odometer), Toll, Transportation and upload attachment, Support on Mobile Apps iOS, Android & Web
Payroll Calculate BPJS All Item, PPH, PTKP, Prorate, Bukti Potong, YTD(Year to Date) Report, Setup Earning and Deduction default payroll, Support in Website and if user want to request payslip, Support in Mobile Apps
Performance Management Form Evaluation Scoring from Self Score, justification, Final Scoring from Supervisor Support on Web
Recruitment & Job Portal Jobs Portal site direct/lingked from module recruitment, type recruitment from internal or external(Jobs Portal). Support on Web
Timesheet Management List of activity per week, category activity, totaly hours per activity, approval per activity, Support on Mobile iOS, Android & Web
Visit Mobile & Web Apps
Loan Management Flexible employee loan module, makes it easy to calculate interest and Loan Data is stored in real-time and is integrated with the payroll module, Support on Mobile IOS, Android, and Web